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During lockdown last year my fourteen year old son began to suffer from anxiety and bad thoughts and had self-harmed several times. I contacted Sam, she was so lovely, kind and reassuring. Within a few sessions Sam has helped my son overcome his anxiety, he no longer self-harms and he has learned how to change ‘bad thoughts’ into ‘positive thoughts. We have noticed how his mood has changed , he is happier, joking again with dad, wanting to join in more within the family group, which is so lovely to see. I cannot recommend Sam highly enough, worth every penny – Thank you Sam
Mum of 14 Yr Old Boy
Sam helped my 14 year old daughter to overcome her low mood, depression and Anxiety. Im happy to say since my daughter had counselling with Sam , she no longer has suicidal thoughts or self harms. My daughter seems happy and looks forward to spending time with her family and friends
K Stamp
Mum of 3
“I have been helped and transformed so much thanks to Sam through her careful and diligent methods. It was a daunting task at first for me to admit a problem, but one simplified by her understanding, knowledge and ability to help with complex issues. The location is very calming and I was delighted with the advice given and the methods used. The whole process has been hugely positive and greatly beneficial. If issues arise in the future I would have no hesitation in returning but what has been achieved so far is both brilliant and greatly appreciated.”
Sam helped me with my OCD and I improved so much due to her counselling. Without Sam I would’ve gotten worse, but she helped me through a difficult time whilst I was at University and I was able to get through it all. Highly recommend her 🙂
J Perry
University Student
I can not speak highly enough about the support and therapy I have received from Sam at Inner Solutions.When I first reached out I was alone depressed and using Alcohol to suppress my feelings about my abusive Childhood. Through having Counselling, CBT and Hypnotherapy with Sam I was able to overcome my dark thoughts and stop using Alcohol as a crutch. I am happy to say that I no longer drink at all, I feel content and happy with my life. I have a new job, I enjoy and I look forward not backwards at my past . I have realised that I can not change my past or childhood, but that I am in control of my future.
Anonymous Client
Professional Key Worker